Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have enjoyed hosting this blog over the last several years.  I hope that the information posted is helpful to all who read it.  I enjoy you comments and questions.  If you are serious about wanting a direct answer from a board member I ask that you address the board members at their email address which is
Once again, since this is a personal message from the BLOG POSTER, God Bless and Happy New Year!  Karen Sikora

Friday, December 16, 2011

A SLIDING GATE WITH KEY LOCK HAS BEEN INSTALLED AT THE BOAT RAMP LOCATED AT THE COMMUNITY CENTER PARKING LOT.  IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A KEY THAT FITS THE GATES AT GALAHAD AND TRISTAN IT WILL FIT THIS LOCK.  If you do not have a key, one may be purchased for $5 at the IPOIA office.  Only one per family will be issued.  The gate must be locked once you launch your boat.  As of this date only trolling motors are allowed.


When the Community Bulletin Board was first put in place it was for Garage Sale, Lost Pet, etc. type postings which were at one time plastered all over the guard shack at the front entrance.  We did however, allow businesses that provided services to our residents to place a sign in this location as long as it was neat and on a stake to be posted around the bulletin board.  As you can see from the before picture it became quite a mess.  Please remember, the City of Ivanhoe does have ordinances in reguards to signs and this area is being maintained so that residents can use it to post items for sale, garage sales, lost pets, etc.  We do ask, that after the event you please remove your sign.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It has been brought to the attention of the IPOIA Board that some undesirable activities are taking place in some of our park areas.  If you see suspicious activity, please contact the Tyler Co. Sheriff Dept. at 283-2172 or Don Saenger 377-2199 (IPOIA Security).
Plans are also being made to install lights in park areas that do not have them and to put up barriers to stop vehicles from driving down into the park areas at night. 


Thanks go to George Koepke for the two new bulletin boards that have been installed at the City and IPOIA office to replace the one that was falling apart.  Also, thanks go to Ron Sikora and Don Saenger for help with the installation.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Even before Ivanhoe became a city, there was a problem with dogs running loose and causing residents problems.  I know from personal experience that there were two times that dogs threatened me in my yard as well as when I was walking for exercise.  Many residents have complained that they can not even use the walking trail at Helipad Park because of the dogs.  As we drove into Ivanhoe after dark one day last week there was a pack of dogs running together and as far as I could see, none had collars.  Below is a letter that was sent by a City of Ivanhoe Council member in which he asks that I post this on the IPOIA blog for your information.  I urge you to make plans to attend the workshop that is scheduled for January 3 at 7 p.m. @ the  Buck Priest Community Center.

On Dec. 10th, two city council members met with Robert Bentz and received a lot of information on how to set up an animal control program.  This is what Mr. Bentz does for the city of Woodville.  We are in the process of actively working to purchase traps, kennels and other material to set up our own shelter.  We will have a "Workshop" on Jan. 3rd to gather citizen input prior to setting up our animal control program.  Our program will include working with a veterinarian to insure all dogs and cats have rabies vacinations which is the law.  We will also include education for our citizens on our zoning ordinance as it pertains to "animal control".  We feel that within 30 days we will have a plan in place and then we will put out FLYERS and other communication information that will allow our citizens 30 more days to comply with the ordinance before we trap animals.  Joe McIntyre

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I know this is the IPOIA blog but I felt it was important today to mention that we all got together as a community to celebrate our city's second anniversary.  A BIG cake was donated and made by Jeanette Bourque and lots of good food was brought to be enjoyed by all.  Thank you to the Friends of Ivanhoe for doing all the set up and the wonderful decorations and door prizes. 

Monday, December 5, 2011