Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am sure that all will agree that we have a lot of wonderful people who are giving their time to make Ivanhoe a wonderful city to live in. I will not even attempt to name names because I will be guilty of forgetting someone. We have people mowing, clearing roadways, cleaning ditches, putting up signs, picking up trash, providing security in our parks and on the lakes, our mayors and city commissioners, board members of the IPOIA and leaders of the women's and men's club, the Friends of Ivanhoe group, volunteer firefighters, and so many other things going on that many of us don't see. Thank you Dale Freeman for your devotion and commitment to the people of Ivanhoe. You go above and beyond what is required. Thanks to your family too for allowing us to interrupt you even on your time off. C.D., Thanks for all your hard work and devotion. I am on my soapbox folks and I just want to say......there are many, many wonderful, kind, giving people out here and I am proud to know ya!

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