Monday, May 16, 2011


At the Saturday meeting of the IPOIA a report was given by Ron Sikora about the conditions of our Parks. Over the last month Ron and his wife Karen have gone around Ivanhoe to each park, reserve and boat launch area. You might have notice the new bulkhead by the swm area at Charmaine South Park. Due to wave action it was necessary to raise the bulhead to prevent washout. Stairs were installed to give easy access to the water by swimmers. There is still some minor repairs that will need to be made over the next few weeks but work is progressing. Thanks to Jerry and Connie Rudd for mowing this park for our enjoyment.
At the Heli-Pad Park we removed the broken wooden slide structure due to safety concerns. Thanks to Betsy Strong and John Craven for helping with the removal. Also, a big thanks to Joe McIntyre for mowing this park. Chuck Vonderlin keeps the boat launch area mowed at Galahad for us. No need to do a lot of work at Memorial Park because Rusty Harrison takes great care of this area. Currently, due to wave action on the apron of the big dam bouy's are being installed by volunteer's Jerry Wendell and Howard Johnson. I have also talked with many of my neighbors here in Ivanhoe that have taken on the responsibility of mowing the park areas or reserves close to their homes. We do need volunteers willing to help keep our parks clean and mowed. REMINDER : A work day has been scheduled for Candy Cane Park on Charmaine East for Sat. May 21st starting at 7:30 in the morning. Please come and volunteer a few hours to help mow and trim this area. You might have also noticed many new signs going up in the park areas. Thanks to donations we were able to replace many of our signs in the park areas. Here is another opportunity for anyone wishing to help. Make a donation to the parks. We would like to replace the picnic tables and future plans do include replacing or repairing playground equipment. I am also planning on getting all the lake signs replaced. It all takes time and money.....I have the time....ha ha. I will try to post updates as the work is done. Ron Sikora, IPOIA Board Member


Anonymous said...

Do you really think Lake Charmaine is big enough to cut off a huge area? I guess the back stroker is happy now! This place is going to be so regulated people will move just to get out of here!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, I don't know who the back stroker is so I can't answer that. However, in order to stop damage to the lower dam apron due to low water levels the bouys were necessary. As far as being regulated, I agree up to a point. Nothing in life stays the same. Ivanhoe would not have survived if it had continued the way it was. There are a lot of nice, wonderful people who live here and want it to be safe and still retain some of the feel of the old Ivanhoe. I would hope that rather than leave people would get involved and help mold and shape Ivanhoe into a place where we can all be happy and proud to live.