Thursday, June 9, 2011


Don't forget! IPOIA meeting at 10:30 and City meeting at 11:15 a.m. All residents are invited to attend at the Buck Priest Community Center.


pat hughes said...

as a new owner and weekener till
end of Sept--I was VERY interested in comments re:water bill.

I called Monarch today , discovered to my horror, we owe 43.90 for 6 days residence.

I am told, even though we will be there 3 weekends a month our BASE charge is 43.90!!!!!!

Are others aware of this? Is this new? What are people doing?

Karen Sikora said...

Sorry Pat, just saw your post. The residents of Ivanhoe are all experiencing the high rates of Monarch. We have had an Organization called Tammer which has fought to keep the water rates as low as possible but we are losing the battle. Another rate increase is headed our way the first of the year. You could talk with the Mayor to get a better handle on what is happening. We are glad you are moving to Ivanhoe and would like to meet you. Sorry I can't give you better news about the water bill situation. Most of the board members volunteer in the office on Fri, Sat. and Sun. Drop by and have a chat if you can.