Monday, June 18, 2012

Plans To Start Re-Posting to the Blog

As has been reported. The blog was discontinued for a few months due to  more commitments that I (the blogmaster) could possibly meet and continue to be sane.  There was also the use of the comments section on the blog to make comments about hard working volunteers that were nothing more than vicious gossip.  This blog was set up to be a "information board" for those property owners who were unable to attend meetings or unable to come to their property on a regular basis.  We also have many residents that due to health issues use our blog to keep up with what is going on in our city.  We have been encouraged by many residents to "please" start posting to the blog again.  So, here we go......sorry, the comments section will continue to be blocked, but if you do have a question for the IPOIA Board, please email them at    FYI:  I will get all  the City info and post it later.