Friday, September 17, 2010

Rumor Regarding Taxes and Consolidation.........

Fellow Ivanhoe residents:
I have heard rumors that if Ivanhoe North does not vote to merge with Ivanhoe, they will not have to pay taxes like Ivanhoe will. This rumor is totally wrong. Everyone in both cities should have received a notice from the Tyler County Appraisal District showing them the value of their property and the tax rate of the city, whether Ivanhoe or Ivanhoe North. This value was set at the city meeting in August. It was set at $0.79 per $100.00 of appraised value for both Ivanhoe and Ivanhoe North. They will receive their tax bill later this year, from Tyler County. The only thing that will happen if the two cities do not vote to merge, will be the failure of both cities due to a lack of operating funds. Neither city can afford to go it alone, the expense of duplicating everything for two cities instead of one larger city will be too much to overcome. I urge everyone to vote to consolidate both cities into one, so we can become even better. Please talk to your neighbors and help them understand this matter.
Thanks, Chuck Vonderlin


Anonymous said...

We now have among the highest property taxes in Texas. (easy to check)If Ivanhoe Norths' taxes didn't go up like ours did, they'd be fools to join! When is the City going to get things moving forward for the City? Road conditions are terrible in most of Ivanhoe. I'm sure the salaries & benefits packages for the City employees have been worked out, already. Now that all of you have been taken care of, how about you get off your "laurels" and make a difference that will benefit the people who are funding this place?
I know, Mrs. Sikora, this is a forum for IPOIA only... but you brought it up.

Anonymous said...

That's true. There's a lot of folks here that are wondering when some of the money is going to be used for public issues, not covering the IPOIAs' printing costs, EVEN IF re-imbursed. The IPOIA has more than enough money to fund their own costs... according to the financial summary provided in last months' newsletter. STAY OUT OF OUR TAX MONEY, IPOIA.