Monday, August 1, 2011



Ivanhoe homeowner said...

It says in the last column on page 1 of the Newsletter that the new water rates are slated to begin in January 2012. I received some papers from Monarch, as I imagine we all did, and PHASE 1 of the rate increase will begin on October 3, 2011. PHASE 2 of the rate increase will begin on July 1 2012!
In Oct., PHASE 1, proposed base rates (incl. 0 gallons used)= $53.47.
In July 2012, PHASE 2, proposed base rates (incl 0 gal used)= $59.82.
If there are any residents in Ivanhoe that have't signed the petition at the I.P.O.I.A. office, if there's still time, PLEASE take a few minutes and go sign it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how else to contact IPOIA but I needed to know whether or not golf carts needs a parks sticker and if Jon Boats with a trolling motor only need a sticker of some sort. Thank you.(Is there a better way to contact IPOIA such as an email address?)

Anonymous said...

Does ANYONE know what came of the Monarch Water Utility petition that was intended to stop that company from raising our (already too high) water bills? I called the "office" once, but they didn't seem to have any info for me about it.

Karen Sikora said...

For you that asked questions about water bills. You will need to talk to Jack Brockhouse (Mayor) City Office number is 409-283-3299. Thanks for the suggestion for a IPOIA email address, I will check into it.

Anonymous said...

When is the City of Ivanhoe going to get a frickin web site ? Why do we need two organizations over their ?