Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This notice is for all who read the blog and don't live out here full time. If you haven't made a trip to Ivanhoe this summer, you are probably unaware of the terrible drought we have experienced. Our lakes are way down and we have had to restrict the use of motorized boats on both Lake Charmaine and Lake Galahad. Old Timers from this area have said that they have never seen it this dry. Many of our trees are stressed and it looks like many have died. It has been a hot summer and as of this writting no relief in site. It gets pretty bad when you almost (notice I said almost) wish for a tropical depression to bring us rain. If you do decide to come and check out your property, please remember the BURN BAN is on with zero tolerance. A spark from a grill or cigarette could cause a fire with our current dry conditions so please be careful. Even though we have had these conditions, work has been done in many of the park areas to improve them for future use. You will notice new signs have been installed and bulkheads replaced to protect our parks for use by property owners and their guests. Plans are being made to improve playground equipment and do much need work on our community center this fall.
Ron Sikora, IPOIA Parks and Lakes Chairman


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Did the lakes receive a nice dose of rain yesterday????

Anonymous said...

New/revamped playground equipment?? Really???
Have the folks at City Hall noticed the road conditions out here?!?

Chuck Vonderlin - IPOIA Board said...

The City of Ivanhoe fixes the roads, or not, but the IPOIA Board is going to buy playground equipment with the money that the "Friends of Ivanhoe" has been raising for that purpose. Thanks, Chuck Vonderlin

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how long we will have to buy bottled water ?