Saturday, September 24, 2011


September has been a quiet month with the kids back in school and vacations over with.  Again, let me thank all of you who volunteer your time and equipment to mow our parks.  We have not mowed as often as I would like, but due to lack of rain we didn't want what grass we did have burning up.  There have been some reports of damage done to signs in the parks and dam areas.  REMEMBER:  If you get caught, charges will be brought against you.  Please note that the big dumpster is no longer at the community center.  It is put there during the summer months so people using the swim area or community center can get rid of their trash.  Thank you to Byron and Aileen Holley for the donation of the three cement pots with flowers for the front of the office area.  On the Clean-up/Repair Community Center Day which is scheduled for October 15th, more work will be done to improve the front of the office area.  We have several projects planned over the next couple of months in the park areas too, just needed to wait for cooler weather....I will keep you posted on what is planned and if you would like to help, you are more than welcome.  Ron Sikora, IPOIA (Parks and Lakes) 

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