Monday, September 12, 2011

September 2011 Annual Meeting Report

Wow! What a great Annual Meeting. The room was packed and we took care of business. The property owners in Ivanhoe ROCK!
Here is the line up of the Board of Directors, IPOIA:
Patsy Morris - President
Ron Sikora - Vice President
Chuck Vonderlin - Treasurer
Connie Rudd - Secretary
Karen Hamilton - Member
Mollie Vieau -Member
Don Saenger - Member
Welcome back to Chuck Vonderlin and new member Don Saenger
The "Friends of Ivanhoe" put on a great sack luncheon and don't forget about Market Days which will take place November 5th. Outside booths available to rent just contact Karen Hamilton 409-283-2832
Tuesday 10am - 2pm
Saturday 9 am - 3pm


Anonymous said...

On what date is the newsletter going to be put in the mailbox every month ? Right now it seems like a guessing game as to the date the newsletter gets put out and the date date this blog gets updated. It would be nice to have an e-mail address

K. Sikora said...

We are working on an email address....sorry, it is my fault the newsletter for this month is not on here. I was all set to do it last week and my scanner went out. I went and bought one today and am in the process of getting it on the blog. The newsletter is usually ready before the first of the month but when they are put in the mailbox they disappear fast. If there isn't one in the box go in the city office door and there are some in a rack on the wall to the right just as you go in the door.