Friday, November 18, 2011


Work has begun at the walking trail at Helipad Park.  Many of the residents of Ivanhoe have asked that the walking track be refinished because it is a wonderful place to walk for health reasons.  In an overwhelming vote, the IPOIA board decided that it would be money well spent and beneficial to so many residents to refinish the track.  At the last IPOIA meeting John Paul Feeley requested that the board also consider adding a walkway to the helipad to make it easier to move people to the Life Flight helicopter in an emergency.  In co-operation between the City and the IPOIA, the City offered to split the cost of the walkway to the Helipad.  This is a project that greatly benefits all of the residents of Ivanhoe.  Work will also begin today on refinishing the walkway to the community center as well as adding handicap parking in front of the center (pics will be posted later).  Remember:  The funds that are used to improve your park areas are from maintenance and sticker fees that you pay to the IPOIA.

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