Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It has been brought to the attention of the IPOIA Board that some undesirable activities are taking place in some of our park areas.  If you see suspicious activity, please contact the Tyler Co. Sheriff Dept. at 283-2172 or Don Saenger 377-2199 (IPOIA Security).
Plans are also being made to install lights in park areas that do not have them and to put up barriers to stop vehicles from driving down into the park areas at night. 


Anonymous said...

The IPIOA has close to $70,000 (maybe more by now) in their account the last time I saw an accounting of it. Since the IPIOA is always, always saying that it controls the lakes and parks, can't you afford someone to monitor the parks and lakes? Isn't that the IPIOA's job and responsibility? Perhaps you can get another volunteer to do that, if the IPIOA won't.
I see suspicious activity.
At the IPIOA and City Hall building.

Chuck said...

I think people who wish to leave a comment should have the courage to sign their name, instead of hiding behind a wall! It's easy to say anything if you don't have to stand behind your words. Don't be a coward, we don't bite!