Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Newsletter Highlights

WEEDS! WEEDS! WEEDS! Bill Adney, Ivanhoe resident and helicopter pilot, observed the fast growing aquatic plants along the shores of Lakes Galahad and Tristan. As he flew over Lake Hyatt (a lake located to the south of us) he noticed the lake was nearly covered by similar water plants. Concerned about the fate of Ivanhoe lakes, Bill sprang into action consulting the Internet and county agricultural agent. One meeting has already been held with concerned citizens in which Mac McCune, President of Lake Management Specialists of Sugarland was an invited guest speaking about possible solutions to the weed problem. (a more detailed report is given in the August newsletter). On Saturday, August 17 at 10 a.m. there will be a second meeting for the public held at the community center with more detailed information. If you would like to speak with Bill about becoming a member of the lake committee, contact him at 409-224-2388. KUDOS FOR THE IVANHOE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT We had one of the best fireworks displays ever staged for the 4th by the Ivanhoe Volunteer Fire Department. Support of our fire department is vital to our community. They fund the fireworks by selling some of the best BBQ in Tyler Co. Labor Day Weekend you will get another chance to get a great plate of awesome BBQ as well as sweets for sale by the Ladies Civic Club. Please support your community organizations. As always - the newsletter is available at the IPOIA office and is placed in a mail box out front so you can just drive by and pick up your copy. If you wish to have one mailed to your home please contact the office for details.

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