Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Update on IPOIA Special Called Meeting

Approximately 50 residents braved the downpour and attended the Special Called Meeting to discuss the lease agreement between the IPOIA and the City. The current lease is as follows $700 per month for office space/$1600 per year for use of the community center for meetings/ 75% of utilities for office space/50% utilities for community center. The IPOIA share rental on a copy machine. The Cities offer was as follows: $250 per month for office space/$1000 per year for use of community center/IPOIA pays all utilities/no mention on use of copier. Mayor Brockhouse was given the floor to give his views on the purchase of a building to be used as the new city hall. He explained that this was not his idea but the idea of three of the city council members who got together and presented this proposal to him. After much discussion from the members the IPOIA Board moved to executive session to discuss a counter offer on the lease. The Board has voted to counter with the same amount that the city has been paying for the last three years. We will have to wait and see if the city accepts the lease present by the IPOIA.