Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd Community Workshop held August 14

The Second Community Workshop was held last Thursday night at the Community Center. Attendance was up from the last one which is very encouraging.
Reports were given on progress made since the last Workshop. Many of the ideas brought forth had been explored and some implemented.
Communication was the main concern at our first meeting and we now have a Calling Team in place, a Blog to post news, we are collecting email addresses to communicate via internet and we are announcing our meetings and workshops, etc in the Booster.
A bunch of neighbors have been out mowing and cutting down brush to make corners safer.
We have a Dam Maintenance Team headed up by the Petersons and from the Survey Sheets people are filling out and the posters we put up at the workshop, we will be creating many new Teams.
The subject of most interest this time was security. One of the Teams we came up with out of that was our Labor Day Patrol. The idea is to begin to limit access to the lakes and parks by asking people to display their boat stickers and car stickers if they are using our parks and, lakes. Our newest board member, Dale Freeman, who is a law enforcement officer and has volunteered to serve on the Security Committee along with Mark Jackson, was not able to be in attendance but is willing to assist in coordinating this effort.


Ron and Karen Sikora said...

I am beginning to see folks around Ivanhoe getting out and doing cleanup. It is really encouraging to see. This is our home and we can control what goes on around us if we come together as a community. God Bless All, K&R Sikora

Nancy Bodden said...

This going so great!!! We've needed this avenue of communications for a long time. Many thanks to Cathy for her hard work. She's a valuable asset to Ivanhoe.

Nancy Bodden