Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ice Cream Social submitted by Judy Saenger

I just got back from helping Jeanette and Shirley with the school-kids Ice cream Social. We used 38 cones and only a few of those were parents so had a pretty good turnout. That's not why I'm writing you though. We asked the kids about what they would like to see in Ivanhoe for kids and I thought I'd email you with what they said. Jeanette says they've tried to start Girl Scouts or 4-H out here and it never worked. They mostly said:
More stuff on the playgrounds for little kids
Sand Volley ball or basketball
Classes of different things like cooking
Maybe 4'H
Slide into the lake.

I'm highly convinced that to get all of Ivanhoe working together we need to have stuff for the kids because that's what brings out the parents. Just thought that I'd let you know that before I forgot. Judy Saenger


Anonymous said...

Great ideas, from the future of Ivanhoe.

Betsey Harrison

Anonymous said...

Basketball courts would be a great source of activity for the kids of Ivanhoe. The slide may present a liability issue. Cooking classes are a great idea, not enough children know their way around the kitchen and what a great way to get the adults and children connected!

Anonymous said...

I think anything that helps the children would be a good idea. More playground equipment,basketball,etc. Maxine Harvey