Sunday, August 31, 2008

IPOIA Takes Back its Parks & Lakes

A huge thanks goes out to Will & Sarah Warren for their suggestions regarding the "Labor Day Patrol" and their willingness to follow through and another huge thanks to Dale Freeman, our newest board member, for his support and direction.
Bright and early yesterday morning they were out getting a check point set up at the entrance to the community center parking lot. Everyone wishing to enter the area throughout the day was checked to make sure they were residents and members in good standing of the IPOIA. This is a tremendous step toward making Ivanhoe the peaceful and orderly place that we desire it to be!!
Of course a team of volunteers was there to assist in the process including Judy and Don Saenger, Chris Lindsey, Mark Elliott, Jack Brockhouse, Tammy Freeman and yours truly, Cathy Bennett.
The other volunteers that are scheduled to serve during the weekend are Del and Cathy Johnson & Nancy Bodden.
CD also volunteered to keep the office open in order to support out efforts. You are much appreciated, CD for your willingness to go above and beyond!
There is much more about this in our upcoming newsletter so be sure and pick one up this coming week.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea and wonderful volunteers to accomplish this check of residency/payment. Thank you for doing this. Perhaps jim and I can assist when Galahad gets back up and running.


Anonymous said...

We are taking baby steps but eventually Ivanhoe will become what we all want it to be. Family Friendly, Drug Free, Safe......Karen

ron said...

I surely appreciate all that you are doing to make Ivanhoe a better place. I have been a non-resident owner of a place on Galahad Loop Road for over twenty five years, and have not had the opportunity to meet very many of you. Unfortunately, most of my time at Ivanhoe is spent undoing the damage to my place that has been the result of the deeds of thieves and vandals. I'm just finishing up another remodel made necessary by the recent destructive theft of the copper wiring from my place. I'd like to see bloggers address the security problem.

Anonymous said...

Life will never be as wonderful as most of you think it should. Without money and without Rules and Regulations, things cannot get done and rules cannot be inforced unless they are in the By-Laws. So property owners, ask your Board Members to work along side you and leave the lawyers out of IPOIA business. If it is not in the By-Laws, Deed Restrictions or the Maintenance Fund Agreement, you can forget getting anything done. Ask more questions? How many of the board members have read the history of IPOIA? Maybe l or 2?
We pay too much for office help (yes it is good help), but we did better when we had volunteer help and we built a new office building and paid cash for it. Think about it!!