Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Bulkhead replacement is scheduled to start the week of July 18th on the bulkhead located at the community center swim area. During this time the area will be roped off and off limits for safety reasons. If you want to take a swim there is a swim area located at Candy Cane Park and Charmaine So. Park. Water levels are very low and since there is no boat traffic swimmers have been leaving the designated swim areas. Please remember, you swim at your own risk. Once the lake levels return to normal you will need to remain in the swim areas for your own safety. We are working hard to clean up our park areas and the residents of Ivanhoe are responding by removing their trash when they leave. Plans are in place to repair or replace playground equipment and picnic tables. We love volunteers. You might have noticed the signs that say "Parks are maintained by Volunteers for your enjoyment". If you would like to help, please contact Ron Sikora at 377-1936.

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